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20 Super Unique Baby Names – August 2018

Unique Baby Names Psychobaby

We’re bummed that summer is winding down, but psyched about these 20 uncommon baby names we printed in August!

  • X marks the spot… for X-cellent baby names! Brix, Lenex and Lyrix all popped up this month.
  • Also digging these preppy, classic sounding names which remind us of boys in John Hughes movies: Chilton, Blayne, Landyn, Callen and Lofton!
  • Two more we’ve NEVER seen before: Aurian and Aurhea!

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20 Unusal Baby Names from July

Unusual Baby Names

Our favorite unusual baby names of July really covered all the bases, from A to Z!

  • We love all the cool baby names that start with A we saw this month – Anakin, Alejito, Airyanna, Alyvia, Afiana and Aleena. And let’s not forget little Zimo representing letter Z!
  • K is another letter that popped up a lot this month – Kinsler, Kedar, Ka’Riyah and Koraleigh were the most unique examples.
  • As always, we love to see the creative spellings new P’Baby parents come up with – like Mikel (Michael), Alyvia (Olivia), Reilly (Riley), and Airyanna (Ariana).

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20 Unique Baby Names from June

These 20 awesome baby names we printed in June were all just so unique – we did a few quick Google searches to find out more about these super creative monikers! Take a trip around the world, and through history with these cool, crazy picks:

  • Skanda: an Indian name which means “God of War”
  • Diogenes: a Greek name meaning “born of Zeus”
  • Daiki: a Japanese name meaning “great brightness”
  • Severin: comes from the latin word for “serious” or “severe”
  • Jano: variation of John, which means “God is gracious”
  • Sumair: Islamic name meaning “good friend”
  • Titus: Latin name common throughout the Roman empire
  • Edgar: English name meaning “fortunate and powerful”


  • Solvi: from the Norse name ‘Solveig,’ which means “sunny yellow”
  • Beatrix: from Latin meaning “blessed” or “traveller”
  • Hualani: ancient Hawaiian high chieftess
  • Rounika: Hindi name meaning “victory bringer”
  • Bellamie: from French words meaning “fine friend”

We hope Bellamie and Sumair find each other someday and become best friends! Check out May’s most unique baby names & as always, make sure to check out our newest personalized gifts for your whole family!


20 Unique Baby Names – May 2018

Happy Summer! (FINALLY!) Celebrate the warm weather with the 20 coolest baby names we printed this month!

  1. Last year was the year of the Z, this year we’re seeing “Y” everywhere – making Vyncent, Aedyn, Aysia, Kyah and Krystia look extra cool.
  2. Our fave names are the ones we’ve never seen or heard any version of before- this month that award goes to Ozan, Eirini and our next pick….
  3. Kah-Lel! We looked this one up and couldn’t find what it actually means, but we’re down with it ’cause it reminds us of Superman! (FYI, Superman’s ‘real’ birth name is Kal-El.)

Need more creative baby name inspo? Click here for April 2018’s most unique baby names & as always, make sure to check out our newest personalized gifts for your whole family!


20 Unique Baby Names – April 2018

Check out the 20 coolest baby names of April – and some of our faves:

  1. Loving these picks: Luki, Nolie and Ovi! Such happy sounding names.
  2. Z is making a little bit of a comeback: hello Zeak, Luzella and Aleezah! And Z showed up in our final name of the month….
  3. Which is pretty awesome: let us introduce you to the one of the top 3 absolute most unique, cool, crazy names we have seen in all 15 years we’ve been open. SERIOUSLY! Props to Xzaivan and his parents. You’re truly one of a kind!

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20 Cool Baby Names – March

The 20 coolest baby names of March are honestly some of the most unique we’ve EVER seen! What do you guys think? Here are a few things we noticed this month:

  1. Y’all are getting wild with the spelling – shout out to Enthani & Haiden… and a BIG nod to Rhyott, which easily made our all-time favorite list!
  2. Z is popping up here and there… Cezan and Dazani are super cool names that we’ve never heard before.
  3. We’re digging on the kind of British sounding vibe of several of these baby names – Euan, Baxter, Abra, Edyn, Thales, and Kerith! Someone let Kate Middleton & Prince Will know we’ve got some fun options for the next royal baby!

Want more creative baby name inspiration? Click here for all of 2017’s crazy baby names & follow the rainbow over to our website for new spring styles for your whole family!


Cool Baby Names of February

Cool Baby Names 2018

February may be the shortest month, but it had a *lot* of super cool names. Here are a few of our faves, although it was really hard to choose between all these

  1. Last month we loved several old-fashioned names – this month didn’t disappoint with Eudora, Colette and Clyde!
  2. Two brand new names that are kind of the same but also ultra unique: Alban and Ashlan. Never heard either of these before, which makes them extra cool.
  3. Winter is dragging on forever here in Chicago, but we’re staring to see more sunny days and temps above freezing… so we are super digging the springy vibe of the name Meadow.

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Cool Baby Names of January

Welcoming 2018! This year started off with even more quirky, cool, totally unique baby names! We’re only 1 month in so we haven’t been able to pinpoint any significant name trends yet, but here are three things that stood out to us about this month’s batch of babies!

  1. There’s something delightfully old-fashioned and charming about several of these names… Cosette, Whit, Alton & Gideon. What do you think?
  2. Viva l’Italia! We have amore for these two names: Tosca means “from Tuscany” and Gioia, an Italian name which means “joy.”
  3. We’re very seriously hoping little girl Ripley is named after Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien… but if not, it’s still a super rad name!

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The 100 Most Unique Baby Names of 2017


As 2017 comes to an end, we gathered up the 100 craziest, coolest most unique names we saw this year!  Here’s the three major trends we noticed in 2017:

  1. The year of Z! Z ruled over 2017 with standouts like Zowie, Zeth and Zahryn leading the charge.
  2. K names were a klose second. (Sorry not sorry.) K showed up all over, at the beginning, the end, and in the middle of *tons* of names, Kasen, Lyrik, and Skai are just a few. (Check out previous months for even more K-names!)
  3. Our overwhelming takeaway from this year was you guys are getting more and more creative, we saw more names for the first time than in ANY other year, and we’ve been open for a loooong time, people!

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The Most Unique Baby Names of November 2017


Here are the 20 most unique baby names we saw in November! It’s our busiest season, leading up to the holidays, so we are seeing more cool and crazy names than ever before.

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Strong boy names and fancy girlie names – we’re fans of both with a shoutout to Colt, Dutch, Quaid for the little dudes and Elliette, Athalia and Pippa for the little ladies.
  2. O-K! K names (and names featuring a K) ruled this month with Kael, Kendy, Kaizo and Skai. Is K taking Z’s throne as the go to letter for baby names? We’ll have to wait and see…
  3. FOURTH month in a row that we’ve seen more brand new names than ever… add Venetta, Fintan, Mylene, Kendy, Skai, Athalia, Rhonin, and Kaizo  to our list of “first ever” sightings!

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