October 2017’s Coolest Baby Names

October is the best month, full of tricks and treats and unexpected things around every corner… so it’s no shock that these 20 names we printed are some of the most surprising we’ve seen all year!

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Rock and roll is here to stay! We see you, Legend and Vedder! We’re pretty big fans of both John and Eddie, so these two cool baby names have our official stamp of approval!
  2. Although part of the reason we love October is all the horror movies… we are giving cinema in general a shout out this month for the names Vesper (namesake of James Bond’s special martini) and Lyndon (the protagonist of Kubrick’s 1975 film Barry Lyndon).
  3. Third month straight we’ve seen more brand new names than ever… add Sibilina, Solley, Elonna, Vannevar, Sheeka, Hyleigh, Kieghan, Sashu, Rasmus and Barlow to our list of “first ever” sightings!

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