February’s 20 Coolest Baby Names

Cool baby names we printed during February

The 20 coolest baby names of January seemed impossible to beat, but lo and behold we saw some major name realness in February!

3 rad trends we noticed this month:

  1. Girls rocking some amazing non-girly names: Collins, Halston & Sivan were our faves!
  2. Boys coming back strong with names we’ve seriously NEVER seen before: Mackland, Nieko, and Dreiden win big on creativity!
  3. Z doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! We called Z names out in January and sure enough, Zeb and Zarine popped up on Feb’s top 20!

Will the Z trend continue for March? Check back next month to find out! And as always, if you’ve got a kiddo with a radical name then let us know or at least let us print a cool personalized baby gifts for ’em!

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