Thanksgiving Leftover Labels: A Festive Freebie

Our free Thanksgiving leftover labels are a simple way to make sure everyone goes home with their favorite leftovers in tow. Download, print, and spread the holiday cheer – one labeled bag or container at a time!

Using our free instant-download labels is a simple and quick process. Just follow these steps:

a) Download the Labels: Click here to download the labels.

b) Print the Labels: Once downloaded, print the labels on adhesive paper or regular paper that can be attached to containers or bags using tape.

c) Label Your Leftovers: Fill in the labels with the names of each of your guests to eliminate confusion when it’s time to leave!

Download our free labels today and transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into well-organized, delicious meals for your friends and family to enjoy the next day (or at midnight!).

Happy Thanksgiving and happy leftovers!

xx – Marlo & Lisa

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