Chicago Style Custom Welcome Ideas

I am certainly biased but, Chicago is one of the best cities in the world to visit. While I would suggest to steer clear of our “Windy City” in the winter, our other three seasons offer a plethora of amazing things to do and eat! From iconic landmarks and museums to diverse neighborhoods and a vibrant food scene, your friends and family will never run out of things to do!

Here our some of our favorite local items to help you create a memorable welcome kit for guests visiting Chicago!

  1. Chicago Skyline Favor Labels – Joy & Chaos. There are many label sizes and shapes to fit on any of your favors.
  2. Goose Island Beer – Total Wine & More. This is a local (and personal) favorite. If you like this light summery brew, visit Goose Island Beer Co for more local made favs!
  3. Caramel & Cheese Popcorn – Garretts Popcorn. An absolutely addictive treat that you won’t be sorry that you can’t stop eating!
  4. Mint Chocolates – Garretts Popcorn . They were originally made in the candy kitchen on Marshall Field’s 13th floor, now Macy’s…sigh… Chicagoans are still salty about our loss of Marshall Fields but thankfully we can still get our hands on this quintessential Chicago treat!
  5. Chicago Survival Kit Bags – Joy & Chaos. These canvas gift bags are available in 3 sizes to choose from to hold goodies both big and small.
  6. Doublemint Gum- Amazon. Wrigley introduced this minty in 1914 and we have been chomping away ever since!

Below are a couple of books to help explore our beautiful city and would make a great addition to your welcome packages.

Get a local insiders view or learn a new thing or two even if you are a local with the 2023 NFT Guide. – Amazon

Explore the rich history of our Chicago neighborhoods and decide where you want to explore! – Amazon

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