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Custom Beach Towels

Custom Beach Towels for Kids and Adults

Grab a custom beach towel and go have some sun in the fun! (Put on that SPF first, of course!) Our personalized towels come in a handful of cute designs for the kiddos, and for adults we have all your big events covered – from newlyweds on their honeymoon, to milestone birthday party trips to beach bachelorettes! At just $24.95 each these are a great summer party favor or gift, whether you’re taking a tropical vacation or just hitting up your backyard pool.

Personalized Beach Towel: Suns Out Buns Out
Personalized Modern Mr. and Mrs. Beach Towel
Custom Color Beach Towels: Boats Booze & Besties
Personalized Beach Towel: Mod Rainbow

Shop all of our personalized beach towels here


5 Ways To Celebrate Shark Week

5-Ways-to-Celebrate-Shark-Week2Shark week is almost here and these are 5 of our favorite fun finned ways to get in the sharky spirit:

1. Make your very own cute shark out of paper! All you need is glue, scissors, a couple clothespins and some heavy paper for this jawesome shark craft.

2. Dress up your pet! The cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba is one of the all time great vids, re-enact in in your own home with this shark hat for your shark-cat!

3.Claim your piece of the beach in true shark style! Go for a swim with our Personalized Shark Bait Beach Towel ($40).

4. Enjoy some screen and maybe some screams by watching a shark movie – our vote is obviously Shark Tale for family movie night, and after the kiddos hit the hay you can go with the obvious choice, Jaws, or one of the many newer, even scarier shark flicks: Deep Blue Sea (sharks and Samuel L. Jackson? um, yes please), Open Water (almost too terrifying!), Sharknado (no comment necessary), or 2016’s The Shallows.

5. Feast like a shark on this shark shaped fruit salad! Celebrate the yummy fruits of summer by making this scarily delicious Sharkmelon!
Shark week kicks off this Sunday – click here for the full schedule  (Michael Phelps vs. a shark, C’MON!) and make sure to check out our other personalized shark-riffic gift ideas here!

Beatles, Baby! Rock & Roll Gift Round-Up

Beatles Baby Gift Ideas and Beatles Gifts for the Family

1. Here Comes the Sun Print | 2. Beatles Bandana Bib | 3. Beatles Yellow Submarine One-Piece$20.00 4. Personalized Lil Yellow Sub Gift Set $40.00  | 5. Beatles Hippie Heart One-Piece $20.00  |6. Wooden Beatles Spoons |7. Personalized Lil Yellow Sub Picture Frame $34.00 | 8. Crocheted submarine toy

All you need is love and maybe a few of these amazing Beatles gifts! This perfectly pink hippie-chic bodysuit (Beatles Hippie Heart One-Piece) is an awesome baby shower gift for a new fan of the Fab Four, and we love the bold and bright design of this Here Comes the Sun art print. It’s impossible to choose a favorite Beatles song, but easy to find a fun gift for any John, Paul, George or Ringo lover in your family. Check out more awesome Beatles Baby Gifts and Beatles Kids Gifts here… and actually, let us know if you DO have an all-time fave Beatles song!


Mermaid Gift Ideas

Mermaid gift ideas for girls & grown-ups!
1. Sparkly Mermaid Swim Glasses [via Bling20] | 2. Mermaid Wall Art [via UhOhPasghettio] | 3. Shell Pool Float [via Urban Outfitters] | 4. Mermaid Hair Don’t Care Tank Top [a exclusive item] | 5. Knit Mermaid Doll [via Land of Nod] | 6. Personalized Mermaid Life Drawstring Backpack [a exclusive item]

Oh, shell-o there, ladies! Here are a few of our favorite fashion picks and accessories to help you live the mermaid life you were born for. For those of us stuck on the shore, these cute decor ideas, clothing and pool swag let us live out our wildest fin-flipping fantasies.

For even more mer-riffic ideas check out our Mermaid Life pinboard!


Shark Gifts For The Family

Cool Shark Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults

Shark week only happens once a year, better make the most of it! This JAW-some round-up features some of our fave fin-tastic fashion & home goods. You’re gonna need a bigger boat for so much shark awesomeness!

Shark Rainbow Crayons by Kages Krayons  |  Personalized Shark Bait Flip Flops by Psychobaby  |  Shark Mug  |  Shark Serving Bowl  Personalized Shark Bait Placemat by Psychobaby | Shark iPhone case Shark SlippersShark Art Print

Check our Shark Pinterest board for more Shark Week/Shark LIFE ideas!


Batman v. Superman

Batman vs. Superman

Batman V Superman hit the theaters hard last weekend, giving you plenty of time to pledge your allegiance to one of these monolithic superheroes. (Personally, we’re Team Wonder Woman…have you seen those boots?!) But if you had to choose, are you a BatKid or a SuperKid?


Pros: Cons:
Super Rich No Parents
Sweet Gadgets No Actual Superpowers
Batmobile Constrictive Bat Suit


Pros: Cons:
Can Fly No Parents
Basically Indestructible Kryptonite Weakness
Awesome Hair Nerdy Alter-Ego

Believe us, the list could be way longer, but we’re paring it down for attention span’s sake! Now regardless of which Team you’re on, we’ve got something for everyone. Like our Bat Spit Crazy Tee that you can personalize with your own alter-ego name or secret identity.  OR our U-R-A Hero Tee to emblazon with the crest of your Kryptonian family (or just your first initial, whatever feels right).


And in case you didn’t find the hero gear you were looking for, we’ve got plenty more capes and Super Tees for the modern hero.

And if you have to choose… who’s it gonna be? The Man of Steel or the Dark Night? VOTE BELOW!