Batman v. Superman

Batman vs. Superman

Batman V Superman hit the theaters hard last weekend, giving you plenty of time to pledge your allegiance to one of these monolithic superheroes. (Personally, we’re Team Wonder Woman…have you seen those boots?!) But if you had to choose, are you a BatKid or a SuperKid?


Pros: Cons:
Super Rich No Parents
Sweet Gadgets No Actual Superpowers
Batmobile Constrictive Bat Suit


Pros: Cons:
Can Fly No Parents
Basically Indestructible Kryptonite Weakness
Awesome Hair Nerdy Alter-Ego

Believe us, the list could be way longer, but we’re paring it down for attention span’s sake! Now regardless of which Team you’re on, we’ve got something for everyone. Like our Bat Spit Crazy Tee that you can personalize with your own alter-ego name or secret identity.  OR our U-R-A Hero Tee to emblazon with the crest of your Kryptonian family (or just your first initial, whatever feels right).


And in case you didn’t find the hero gear you were looking for, we’ve got plenty more capes and Super Tees for the modern hero.

And if you have to choose… who’s it gonna be? The Man of Steel or the Dark Night? VOTE BELOW!

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