Star Wars Gifts For The Truly Obsessed Family

Star Wars Gifts for the Whole Family

Star Wars Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Sign |  R2D2 Printed Rug |  Personalized Jedi Family Shirts by PsychobabyPersonalized Jedi Master Mug by Psychobaby |  Death Star Waffle Iron

If you or someone you love speaks Wookiie, uses a lightsaber as a nightlight, or has a pet Ewok, you’re in the right place – these are the absolute most perfect gifts for a Star Wars obsessed family!

“I love you.”
“I know.”
Celebrate the union of the couple whose love transcends time and space with this awesomely intergalactic wooden Mrs. & Mr. sign, available in every color under the sun!

For Padawan playtime, this R2D2 printed rug is a perfect choice, when you’re working on an epic Lego set or pretending your bedroom is actually Tattooine.

No need for matching robes when your entire squad can suit up in matching t-shirts!  All sizes available for babies, kids, women & men.

Every Jedi needs the force with them, the force of a strong cup of coffee.

Start the day off right for everyone in the fam with this amazing Death Star waffle maker. Smother the Dark Side in maple syrup. And then eat the whole dang thing.

And in case you’re throwing a party for a young jedi, how about these personalized party favors bags & stickers?

Click here to see all our rad gifts for Jedi lovin’ dads, moms & kiddos

…and for even more far, far, away inspo, check out our Star Wars themed Pinterest board here:

Star Wars Gifts & Party Ideas

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