20 Unique Baby Names From June


Unique Baby NamesJune’s baby names honestly might be the coolest batch we have EVER seen, and we’ve seen a LOT! These are some of the most unique, crazy and cool names that have come through our custom shop.

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Z came back this month! We’re looking at you, Zaiden, Zayna and Zayd! (Does this trend have anything to do with Zayn Malik?)
  2. We’re not exactly sure what the club is, but we have a feeling Ellsworth, Rutledge, Darrow and Spense are all members. Future attorneys, authors or astronauts? Your guess is as good as ours, but they sound like they are up to something COOL!
  3. Super cool name MEANINGS: according to Yuma means “son of the chief,”  Zayna can mean either “beauty” or “stranger,” Akasha means “space” or “sky,” Laith means “lion,” and Torrin means “little hills.” CUTE!

Which of these super unique names is your fave? As always, check out our personalized baby gifts and personalized kids gifts for the cool, crazy P’Babies in your life!

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