May’s 20 Coolest Baby Names


Check ’em out, our fave cool baby names of May 2017! This month was all over the place, with everything from philosophers (Soren Kierkegaard) and mathematicians (Archimedes), a taste of Italy with Ilaria (Italian for Hilary) and Gaetano, and a few we’ve NEVER seen before (Oceana, Avyanah, and McCarley)!

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Y? Because we love you! Shout out to Rowyn, Jagyr, Laikyn, and Hailyn for their surprise Ys – who needs vowels?!
  2. Rock & roll! Jagyr (Mick?) is joined by Jovi (Bon?!) for some classic rock flavor.
  3. We’re pretty sure Boone, Macon and Birdie would be friends if they ever met each other! We are digging on the slightly Southern, kinda old-timey vibe of these baby names.

What is your favorite name out of all these cool, crazy options? Don’t miss out on finding the perfect present for any creatively named kiddo you know, take a peek at our most popular personalized baby gifts and personalized kids gifts!

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