20 Cool Baby Names From August


August’s 20 coolest baby names are in, and DANG! You guys just keep us on our toes with your wild, wonderful names!

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. O, baby! We are super digging these cutie pie names that all end in “oh” – Wilfredo, Tito and Omaro.
  2. Z is back with possibly the two zee-est Z names we’ve come across yet: Zeth and ZOWIE! Whaaaa?! We love it!
  3. We have seriously never seen or heard half of these names, including: Aceyn, Wilfredo, Omaro, Eabha (Gaelic for Eva), Zeth, Chami, Meela, Callan, Arley or Zowie – so props to you P’Baby parents for upping the name game with these cool, creative choices.

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