20 Unique Baby Names – May 2018

Happy Summer! (FINALLY!) Celebrate the warm weather with the 20 coolest baby names we printed this month!

  1. Last year was the year of the Z, this year we’re seeing “Y” everywhere – making Vyncent, Aedyn, Aysia, Kyah and Krystia look extra cool.
  2. Our fave names are the ones we’ve never seen or heard any version of before- this month that award goes to Ozan, Eirini and our next pick….
  3. Kah-Lel! We looked this one up and couldn’t find what it actually means, but we’re down with it ’cause it reminds us of Superman! (FYI, Superman’s ‘real’ birth name is Kal-El.)

Need more creative baby name inspo? Click here for April 2018’s most unique baby names & as always, make sure to check out our newest personalized gifts for your whole family!

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