20 Unique Baby Names from June

These 20 awesome baby names we printed in June were all just so unique – we did a few quick Google searches to find out more about these super creative monikers! Take a trip around the world, and through history with these cool, crazy picks:

  • Skanda: an Indian name which means “God of War”
  • Diogenes: a Greek name meaning “born of Zeus”
  • Daiki: a Japanese name meaning “great brightness”
  • Severin: comes from the latin word for “serious” or “severe”
  • Jano: variation of John, which means “God is gracious”
  • Sumair: Islamic name meaning “good friend”
  • Titus: Latin name common throughout the Roman empire
  • Edgar: English name meaning “fortunate and powerful”


  • Solvi: from the Norse name ‘Solveig,’ which means “sunny yellow”
  • Beatrix: from Latin meaning “blessed” or “traveller”
  • Hualani: ancient Hawaiian high chieftess
  • Rounika: Hindi name meaning “victory bringer”
  • Bellamie: from French words meaning “fine friend”

We hope Bellamie and Sumair find each other someday and become best friends! Check out May’s most unique baby names & as always, make sure to check out our newest personalized gifts for your whole family!

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