Printable Shipping Box Labels for Christmas Care Packages

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Our new printable shipping box labels are a quick, safe & easy way to add some holiday spirit to any Christmas gifts you have to send!

Just $4.99 each, these instant download PDFs (no waiting!) let you print a set of decorative shipping box flap labels at home. You will receive a file to print containing 4 label designs, one for each inner box flap. Either use full sheet blanker sticker paper, or regular printer paper with adhesive.

Labels are sized to fit on the smaller square shaped MEDIUM USPS PRIORITY MAIL BOX.

These boxes are free from the post office! (There are two “medium” sizes – the other one is more flat & rectangular.) These are also one of the most common sizes for military care packages, in case you’ve got someone deployed over the holidays.
The labels work great with the medium square box, but once you’ve printed them – they can be trimmed to fit on many other size boxes that you already have at home & can re-use. Easy AND eco-friendly!

Plus – you can reuse your file to print labels for as many boxes as you want. It’s a thoughtful way to show a little extra love in your Christmas care package this year, especially if you won’t be able to see your family & friends.

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P.S. If you ARE going to see your loved ones – you can make sure they know you love ’em by coming prepared with a set of disposable holiday masks. Might as well have a little fun with it!


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