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2024 Galentine Swag for your Gal Pals!

This is a holiday that I can get fully behind! Our co-founder Lisa and I have beed BFF’s ever since meeting in a baby music class when our oldest children were a wee 8 months old. It was honestly friend love at first sight. Here we are 25+ years later and a million incredible (and not so great) memories shared between us. There is no human that I would rather spend my Galentine’s Day with!

Throwing a Galentine’s Day party? I rounded up some goodies to make Galentine’s Day 2024 extra sweet!

No 1. I am loving these heart shaped glasses for an instant cool girl vibe

No 2. These Custom Treat Labels are perfect to label any homemade sweet treats

No 3. A baker is gonna bake bake bake and needs something pretty to put the final product on! How about a red cake stand?

No 4. Sometimes a good old shot of tequila is the best medicine for a broken heart or just a good time! These custom Valentine’s Day label + bottle kits are so fun and easy to fill with your favorite spirit of choice.

No 5. OMG! I ❤️ these fun conversation heart napkins! They will be a perfect addition to your sweets table.

No 6. They say love is the best medicine but sometimes you just need an Advil! Fill up these custom I Got Too Lit Kits with all the things you know they will need to enter the next day hydrated and headache free.

No 7. I guess I am assuming that there will be a lot of sipping going on so you will obviously need a cute heart straw!

No 8. Come on girls, we have all been part of this club at some point. If you and your ladies are at this stage… this Anti Love Club custom tote is for you! They are also available in smaller favor bags and are ready to fill with goodies.

No 9. Nothing sets the mood better than candlelight. I am crazy about these pink glass candleholders and will be using them year round!

I hope you see something here that you love and can use to create the best Valentine’s Day ever!

xx Marlo