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Printable Thank You Sign for your Delivery Driver

Here at Joy & Chaos we are on a first name basis with all our delivery drivers & postal workers – we literally would not be able to function without them! As grateful as we are every day for these awesome folks, we are feeling that now more than ever during the coronavirus crisis. Many of us are able to stay safely at home and order our necessities, solely because of the hard and selfless work these people continue to do.

Print this “thank you” sign for your door – this is a safe and easy way to let our delivery people know we appreciate them during this crazy time.

Click here to download the .pdf file

**Printing tips:
– You can use any regular letter size (8.5″ x 11) white printer paper or cardstock.
– Change printer settings to “Do Not Scale” or “Actual Size” or similar to avoid any of the image being cut off.
– Set your printer to “Highest Quality” or “Photo” or similar setting for best results.