Summer Festivals: Bring Your Own Baby!

How To Rock Summer Festivals With Your Kids

1.  Future Rockstar Maternity Shirt $28.00 | 2. Baby Banz noise proofing headphones  | 3. Waterproof concert blanket  | 4. Milk, Naps, and Rock N Roll Baby Shirt $20.00 | 5. Mute Button Pacifier White $7.00

Summer festivals are even more fun when you BYOB… bring your own BABY! Here are our picks for mamas & mamas-to-be who are hitting up one of the zillion awesome music fests this summer.


  • A cool tee for you,
  • Cool tee for the little
  • Comfy blanket to lay out on
  • Good set of ear protecting headphones
  • …and just in case your P’Baby has a great set of lungs and is drowning out the band, a funny paci! What do you take to outdoor concerts? Share your tips with us in the comments!

Check out more rockin’ parents and summer essentials on our Psychobaby Pinterest page.

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