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June 2016


Shark Gifts For The Family

Cool Shark Gift Ideas for Kids & Adults

Shark week only happens once a year, better make the most of it! This JAW-some round-up features some of our fave fin-tastic fashion & home goods. You’re gonna need a bigger boat for so much shark awesomeness!

Shark Rainbow Crayons by Kages Krayons  |  Personalized Shark Bait Flip Flops by Psychobaby  |  Shark Mug  |  Shark Serving Bowl  Personalized Shark Bait Placemat by Psychobaby | Shark iPhone case Shark SlippersShark Art Print

Check our Shark Pinterest board for more Shark Week/Shark LIFE ideas!


Name of the Day: Wesley

I’ve always been a fan of the name Wesley so I was happy to hear our Custom Shop shout out “Is the name Wesley making a comeback?”.Apparently we personalized at least 10 baby gifts today with the name Wesley.

After doing a little research I found out that Wesley is number 126 on this years list of baby boy names. So if you don’t want a name in the top 125, you are good!

I say stay unique, Wesley! There is something cool about not having two (or more) kids look up when your teacher calls your name.

A lot of guys with this cool name:

  1. Wesley Sneijder, Dutch footballer
  2. Wes Craven, film director
  3. Wesley Snipes, actor
  4. Wesley Kimler, Chicago artist

Featured personalized kids tee is J is for Joy.