Nanny’s Famous Meatballs

Meatball Recipe

Those who know me know that for better or for worse, I have few rules in my house. Sunday night dinner is a must. Our lives are so crazy busy during the week that it is a way to reconnect. It is usually loud and crazy, just the way I like it! My kids have come to expect this coveted meal and are actually disappointed the few times it doesn’t work out.

Below is my grandmother’s (or Nanny as we called her) famous Sunday night dinner meatball recipe. She didn’t have to call us to the table twice! I have made my version for years and while delicious, it never quite tasted like Nanny’s. I am grateful that my stepmom, Tristina, wrote down the original recipe and shared it with all of us grandkids.

I make a simple tomato basil sauce to cook these yummy meatballs in. Serve it with your favorite pasta, bread and salad. I often double the recipe and freeze it for an easy, weekday dinner.

Enjoy! ~Marlo


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