9 Cool Winter Baby Names

Brr! Here are our top winter baby names, inspired by this chilly season, the holidays, and all that snow we get here in Chicago!

  • Aspen – a pretty tree name and a fun winter ski vacation destination!
  • Nicholas – just like Jolly Old Saint Nick, a classic Christmas-y name that holds up in all seasons.
  • Bianca – this exotic name is not only super pretty, it is Italian for “white” – very snowy!
  • Collins – Gaelic for “holly”. Uncommon as a first name and we love it!
  • Noelle – French for “Christmas” – ’nuff said!
  • Holly – a nature name – for the seasonal green shrub with brightly colored red berries
  • Gabriel – in the biblical Christmas story, Gabriel is the name of the angel who visited Mary
  • Neve – means “snow” in Italian and Portuguese – double winter whammy!
  • Tannon – from “tanne,” the German word for “fir tree” (like the Christmas carol, O Tannenbaum!)

Do you know a baby with a cool winter name? Let us know!

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